Who are we?

Who are we becoming?

How are we off-track, and how can we correct our course?

How can we be kinder to each other, across all of our differences in worldviews and values?

I created this site to examine these questions and more, within the unusual perspective¬†of relentless optimism. I think it’s possible for us to see and celebrate the many unfolding possibilities for us as individuals, as a nation, or as a world, while still also seeing, acknowledging, and even mourning the many tragic ways that we are hurting ourselves and each other. One needn’t fall on one side or the other of this divide: the beauty and the pain coexist, and neither one is ever a final judgment on who we are or where we’re heading.

I do filter comments, but I strongly welcome other points of view. I write primarily as a progressive, but I hope to bring conservative voices and perspectives into this site as well; we are stronger and wiser when we are connected, even when some disagreements may seem irreconcilable.

I’m happy and excited to be alive at this point in time, and to be engaged with the world that we live in. I hope to share that engagement through this site. Believe in America, and believe in a brighter tomorrow.